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The company aspires to transform the specialized companies in the field of ready-made garments which deal with them in order to reach the international quality in production and deal with the external specifications of the correct production methods and quantitative production that is compatible with the marketing success factors of the product.


The letter:

Unconditional development of the local market and access to the size of global competition and the conversion of small workshops to factories based on the technological system or half technology to achieve local and international quality standards in the product.


Company in brief:

• The company is one of the most recent companies in the Egyptian market, but its managers have the practical experience over the years in the specialized market and they have full knowledge of the needs of the market both in terms of practical and laboratory in the field of ready-made garments and related specialties such as printing and other supplements.
In spite of its modern age, the company is the agent of the largest Italian companies in cutting machines which is called IMA.
The company has acquired the agency of GEMINI CAD SYSTEM program to design the models for readymade garment through the computer and the work of nesting that required for it et get the highest efficiency used through the program to achieve the maximum benefit of many institutions working with modern technology in cutting and pattern.
The company has also obtained the agency of the Chinese company MT specialized printing machines sublimation used in printing on synthetic fibers and also used in advertising
We also work in the supplements of different machines parts and specialized papers for printing through the accessories of the garment factories or through specialized printing machines and we are dealing in high-level Swiss-made inks specialized in printing machines.


1 – The company seeks to be a pioneer in its field in the Egyptian market in terms of providing the needs of the full factories of trained workers and those who carry out specialized work.
2 – The company seeks to achieve balance in the field of readymade garments through the integrated support provided to the academic community as the focus through which the illuminating the labor market and disseminates the broad horizon of the modern science and the abandonment of random policies in professional evaluation specialist.
3 – The company seeks to spread the different technologies in the industrial development surrounding us, the transfer of western tariff cultures and industrial development in the field of readymade garments, and seeks to build a sound social base to be supplied to specialized factories.
4 – The company hopes to make deal with various government and private agencies specialized in order to achieve and implement the social and economic goals sought by each of the two sides so that the investment of the university graduate specialized in its fields and linking disciplines to the labor market.


Our previous business and customers:

1- Group features.
2- Bank Factory for Ready Made Garments.
3 – Jiro factory for men’s shirt.
4- Kenzo for scarfs in Alexandria.
5. Franco Children’s Wear Factory.
6 – Altabian factory for men’s robes.
7 – El Waleed Factory for gown Reception for women.

8. Messiou Ghanem Ready Made Garments Factory.
9- Infini Garments Factory.
10 – ATELIE Antar MODA.
11- A beautiful factory for ready-made garments.
12- Vert Factory for Ready Made Garments.
13- Mimi Kids Ready Made Garments Factory.
14- Nemo Children’s Wear Factory.

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