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Automatic iron


PRECON ensures your garments quality at affordable maintenance:
Achieve maximum performance, ironing machine offers the flexibility for a wide variety of applications to iron any kind of knit wear. PRECON is able for ironing from simple T-shirt to high quality sweaters. Comfortable to use: easy to learn and easy to operate for one or two operators which can iron one or two pieces at the same time. Easy Maintenance and reliability: low ongoing costs for parts and maintenance labor. Machine fitted with standard electronic parts that you can find easily in your local market. High productivity: you can achieve approximately from 3 to 4 pieces per minute with one operator or from 6 to 8 pieces per minute with two operators.

Automatic Cycle INCLUDED PLC with different cycles
Fan power 1HP
Steam consumption 60 Kg.v.h
Air consumption 80 l/min
Air pressure 4-6 kg/cm2

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