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The Phoenix series


IMA Phoenix 890 series is the spreading unit designed for the highest flexibility. Fully digital and equipped with encoder, it is able to spread without end-catchers plies with variable lengths thanks to the special fabric feeding system and the tension-free device, electronically controlled in real time. The machine comes with color touch screen to control the spreading functions and to display the warning messages. Lowered cradle turret for easy loading and unloading of the cloth roll, consisting of a double full width PVC belt, with double side guide, movable by 4 rollers.


IMA 890 Phoenix series is prepared to internet connection to take advantage of the innovative diagnostic and remote assistance service that allows you to have your machine always efficient and productive.


IMA890 can be interfaced and it’s available in two versions: 13 and 14.

Ergonomic design and intuitive control panel easy to use


Multilanguage touch screen with possibility to store and then recall spreading parameters.


Bi-directional cutting device with digital management for precise cuts with any type of fabric.

IMA 890B Phoenix series is the most versatile machine, ideal for simple and regular production with heterogeneous materials. The machine is equipped with encoder and the standard spreading is without end-catchers that are available as optional. The fabric can be fed into rolls (as standard) or folded, with special optional.

Roll diameter up to 500 mm
Available fabric width 180/200/220 cm


Lay thickness up to 200 mm



Spreading speed up to 100 mt/min


Progressive adjustable dancer-bar


Capacity up to 130 kg


Installed power 220/380v/3, 50Hz

Flexibility in Spreading

Detail of turret belts and reclining back movement to facilitate the cloth roll loading and unloading