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• Printing method: Direct to garment
• Print size: 500 x 600 mm
• Max. print resolution: 1440x1440dpi
• Print head: Piezo – electric. 8 channels
• Colors: C, M, Y, K = White optional
• Ink in bottles
• PC Integrated
• Power supply: 220 V
• Dimensions: 1667 x 1470 x 1044h
Brief description:
The printing system DigiScreen developed by Ser-Tec is designed to combine digital printing
and screen printing. The digital printer integrates perfectly with any manual or automatic screen
printing carousel and can print on light or dark fabrics, double color process or double color
process + white.
DigiScreen printer is the contact point between DTG printing and screen printing.
DigiScreen integrates perfectly with any manual or automatic screen printing carousel and allow
you to apply special effects of screen printing (flock, foil, glitter) to digital prints, all in a single
production process giving you the opportunity to expand your business in the emerging digital market.
DigiScreen printer enables large volumes of high quality production and speed thanks to the digital
printer with piezo eletric print heads with 8 channels, inks are stored in pressurizes bottles in an easy
accessible compartment in order to have always under control the amount allowing a considerable
saving compared to cartridges.
The printer is also usable as a classic digital printer!!
Print heads height of the printer is always keep under control thanks to PHPC (Print Head Position
Control) blocking the machine if there is an obstacle in the head route, so as to keep it safe from
any breakages.
The digital printer is managed by a computer placed on a swivel arm directly on the machine,
where a dedicated version of White Rip allows you to print with various optimizations using the full
Potential of your printer.

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