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Inkjet Plotter


100Mb ether net network interface, make it can be connected into LAN, work as
a network printer.
No need to install any driver, it is easy to work only connecting with PC.
Available for many kinds of paper even the non-woven paper to reduce the cost of users
It capable with low ink alert, print head protection unit
Powerful printing control software, bring you more option of printing:
► Capable for almost all the printing format documents created by many kinds of CAD
software. Especially can open DXF, DWG documents directly.
►The printing documents can be divided, combined, rotated, mirror to satisfy the special
►Automatic queuing of printing, achieve non-watching printing function. The output sequence
can be adjusted manually.
►Show the printing process in real time.
►The start and end of printing can be setup as you specified. You can proceed to print even
if the printing break unexpected.